Your Easiest Food Diary Ever.


When calorie counting and macros are all the rage these days, how are you supposed to keep track of your eating habits when numbers and weighing do not appeal to you?

In my coaching programs, I offer macro nutrient and calorie counting guidance for those who want structure and enjoy weighing/measuring their food.

However, for my clients who do not want to get caught up in the numbers, I use an intuitive eating approach, where we utilize one of my favorite apps- See How You Eat.

I personally have used this app for the past year and found it to be a revolutionary and unique way to keep track of my eating.

see how you eat example.jpg

As shown above, this was Thanksgiving day and the meals I consumed, as well as the times and the hunger levels I was experiencing.

This app operates off a simple 6-box picture system for each of your meals/snacks. It also records the time that you eat your meal. With my clients we also rate our hunger levels by putting “HL” and then following with the level of hunger that we are experiencing. It helps to tap into your internal cues and listen to your body minus the stress.

What I love about the app is that it is extremely user friendly, allowing for even more boxes to be added, and it is a visual way to keep track of your meals. It prevents excess snacking, overeating and gives you a sense of control without adding complicated restrictions or calorie amounts, which can be triggering for some people who have suffered from eating disorders in the past or just generally feel stressed out around their eating.

Just press on the first box labeled “Breakfast”, snap the picture, click on the picture, add your hunger level (from 1-5, check out my blog post on hunger level), and then you’re good to go! Next time you eat, just click the next box appropriately labeled, snap another pic of your food (that means no second servings unless you have it in the picture 😉 and record that hunger level.

At the end of the day, all you do is take a screenshot of the screen with all your meals and send it to me! Its that simple. During our weekly video call, we will go over all of your meals for that week and fine tune everything.

The best part? The app is completely free in the App Store or Android Google Play Store.

There is a paid version, which provides additional features, but for my coaching program, all you will be needing is this app, if you choose to manage your nutrition via the intuitive eating approach.